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New Constructs’ Offerings: Website Overview

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Here is a quick guide to the basics of the New Constructs website.

I try to keep the top layer (ratings and reports) simple while backing up with as much back-up detail as you could want.

After you login, here is how to find:

1. Click: Stock Screener to access 3000+ stock ratings

  • Click the “Sector” or “Index” tab to get ratings on all stocks within selected sectors/indices
  • For ratings on on specific tickers, click the “Ticker” tab and type or paste a list of tickers into the box
  • Then, click “Free Search” for results

2. Click Fund Screener for our ratings on 7400+ ETFs and mutual funds

  • Search by Sector, Provider or by Tickers
  • Download detailed reports

3. Click: Ratings for more details on individual stock ratings, to download reports or access Company Valuation models

  • Enter a ticker on this page
  • See rating details and compare to S&P 500 and Russell 2000
  • Download the report of access the “Company Model”

4. Click Reports for our latest reports and access to

5. Click Blog then Stock Picks and Pans for weekly articles highlighting buy and sell recommendation

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  1. varadha says:

    Terrific, yet simple analysis. I’ve always been a fan of ROIC as a measure of capital efficiency and believe that no size/growth outperformance can replace the quest for efficiency.

    Sort of like a big gas guzzling v8 that needs ever increasing gallons of fuel to keep its engine running

  2. David says:

    But Angie’s $90 per user acquisition cost is going to go away. That’s what their approach probably is. How would their outlook be if that $90 cost dropped down to a total cost of $3 per user?

  3. David:

    That would be great, but cost per user acquisition is not something that’s very easy for a company to fix. ANGI can slash their marketing budget to the bone, but then they would stop acquiring new members. They would probably lose members in fact, as their membership renewal rate is at ~75% and declining. If they cut marketing expense by ~95% as you seem to be suggesting, ANGI might be able to eke out 1 year of slight profits, but they would start shedding members and losing money very quickly. ANGI’s only hope is to keep its marketing budget high and hope it can reach the scale and brand awareness to be able to sustain its business while scaling back marketing costs enough to turn a profit. The fact that ANGI’s revenue growth is slowing down even as its marketing costs keep increasing makes it very unlikely it will achieve that goal.

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