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ETF Ratings Methodology Discussion with John Nayaradi at Wall Street Sector Selector

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Our research with ETFs is very unique because we’re actually basing our ETF ratings on the stocks that the ETF holds. And so, our ratings on the stocks drive the ratings for the ETF.  If the ETF holds stocks that are given an attractive rating, then the ETF is most likely going to get an attractive rating.

More on my top picks and general market outlook in my interview with John Nayaradi at Wall Street Sector Selector.

Here are my latest review and rankings of all Sector ETFs and all Style ETFs.

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One Comment

  1. varadha says:

    Terrific, yet simple analysis. I’ve always been a fan of ROIC as a measure of capital efficiency and believe that no size/growth outperformance can replace the quest for efficiency.

    Sort of like a big gas guzzling v8 that needs ever increasing gallons of fuel to keep its engine running

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