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Identifying Red Flags: Earnings Quality Adjustments

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Here we will show you how to access our Adjustments page
To see all video tutorials, click here.

Video Outline: Identifying Red Flags: Earnings Quality Adjustments

  1. Go to
  2. Login
    • To view the web tutorial for Login, My Account, and Password, click here
  3. Generate a company model
    • To view the web tutorial for generating company models, click here
  4. To access the Adjustments page
    • Click Financials & Metrics located on the gray ribbon underneath the New Constructs logo
    • Click Adjustments located on the blue ribbon underneath ‘Filings’

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One Comment

  1. varadha says:

    Terrific, yet simple analysis. I’ve always been a fan of ROIC as a measure of capital efficiency and believe that no size/growth outperformance can replace the quest for efficiency.

    Sort of like a big gas guzzling v8 that needs ever increasing gallons of fuel to keep its engine running

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