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Highlights From New Constructs Investment Research

How to Avoid the Worst Sector Mutual Funds


Picking from the multitude of sector mutual funds is a daunting task. In any given sector there may be as many as 234 different mutual funds, and there are at least 632 mutual funds across all sectors.

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How To Find the Best Style ETFs


Finding the best ETFs is an increasingly difficult task in a world with so many ETFs to choose from.

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Best and Worst Funds: Industrials Sector


The Industrials sector ranks sixth out of the ten major sectors as detailed in our sector roadmap. It gets my Neutral rating, which, like my fund ratings, is based on aggre­ga­tion of stock rat­ings for each of 430+ companies in the sector.

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Don’t Employ Any Industrial Sector ETFs


We recommend avoid or sell all industrial sector ETFs. We also rate the investment merit of the top six industrial sector ETFs.

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