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Highlights From New Constructs Investment Research

Low-Cost Funds Dupe Investors


Fund holdings affect fund performance more than fees or past performance. A cheap fund is not necessarily a good fund.
Our research on holdings enables investors’ to find funds with high quality holdings – AND – low fees.

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ETFs vs Mutual Funds: The Winner Is…


The radically higher number of US equity mutual funds (4,700+) versus ETFs (380+) is not indicative of better stock selection from active management. On the contrary, the vast majority of actively-managed funds do not justify the higher fees they charge. They do not, in terms of stock selection and expected returns, add value versus passively managed benchmarks.

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Mainly Just Good in Health Care Sector ETFs


Our top picks for the Health Care sector ETFs are: Biotech HOLDRS (BBH) and Pharmaceutical HOLDRS (PPH). We also rate the investment merit of the top-9 health care sector ETFs.

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